Garden of Eden Massages
The massages given at Eden Spa are a unique blend of Swedish and Acupressure Massage strokes.  Swedish Massage strokes promote blood circulation and relaxation, while Acupressure Massage utilizes the technique of deep pressure point stimulation to increase energy flow and reduce muscle stress.  The soothing blend of these two massage strokes truly combine to create the ultimate massage that will transport you back to the Garden of Eden.
Angel Soft Skin Treatments
Exploit your feminine sensuality with smooth, healthy skin.  Eden Spa offers a wide variety of body treatments that will surpass your expectations and leave you with angel soft skin.
Nourishing Body Treatments
Experience pure decadence while you nourish your body with skin softening vitamins and minerals.  Eden Spa nourishing body treatments utilize organic products to detoxify skin of harmful impurities, while giving back beneficial supplements crucial for soft, healthy skin.
Spa & Retreat for Women